Make a good day

“Make it a good day” is my mom’s new saying.  She’s funny sometimes, she even has it on her voicemail.  She’ll text me and call me and leave me a message saying “make it a good day”.  It actually works.  The days have been tough.  I have lots on my mind and I’m trying to focus on her words and it actually kinda works.  You know, the power or positive thinking?  Another thing that helps me get through the days is hold a picture of my Dad and asking him to help me have a good day.  Went to work a little on the stressed outside.  The big boss made a couple of comments the other day and I couldn’t tell if he truely meant it and that if that was his way of telling me.  So this morning my mom calls while I’m driving to work and holding a picture of my Dad and I said….Make it a good day!  Of course I was trying to convince myself that it was going to be a good day.  I walk into work with a big smile and a positive outlook, had a nice talk with my supervisor and expressed my concern.  Long story short…  I MADE IT A GOOD DAY.


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